Cool Tools

By: Sandy Booth

As a mixed media artist I utilize some unusual tools in my work. I am always looking at interesting shapes, unusual textures and unexpected color combinations to create with. Anything I can do to keep things different and interesting is where I want to be.

Some of the tools I love to use are everyday items used in unintended ways. 

~ A jar lid covered in wet paint can be a great stamp.

~ Plastic wrap placed over wet paint creates interesting texture.

~ Make-up sponges are good for smudging paint around.

~ Q-Tips dipped in alcohol remove unwanted ink smears.

~ Drywall spackle can be used to create an old plaster surface.

~ Crushed eggshells give a vintage patina to a surface.

~ BOOK PAGES! I can never get enough book pages. I use them on most of my collage work, but also in my intuitive work.

~ Old credit cards are paint scrapers and perfect for lines through paint or ink.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding ways to create beautiful, expressive art. You can make art from virtually anything!


Create something everyday.