Benefits of Getting Away

By Linda Graham

I was blessed with the opportunity over the last two weeks to travel with my husband, Bob.  We traveled to the state of Washington, a destination that we had never before experienced.

To leave behind responsibilities, routines, unplug and break up stress is so cleansing and liberating. The requirements of new sleeping and eating schedules were just two ways of changing our at home routines. Traveling to these new places was an exercise for our minds as we had to navigate unfamiliar roads, trails, and cities. And, exercise for our bodies was had through hiking forests, long beach walks, and "hoofing" it many miles in the city.

My words and pictures are inadequate to describe the diverse beauty that Washington has to offer.  Rain, sunshine, fog, and snow met us as we traveled the road up to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.  We were in awe at the forest trail that leads to Cape Flattery, the northern most point in the continental United States. This trail led us to awesome, rocky, views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The roaring sound of rushing water met us on our hike to Sol Duc Falls and Marymere Falls.   Moss covered trees on our Hall of Mosses hike through The Hoh Rainforest looked like mysterious characters from a movie that Disney could have created.  Eagles, huge boulders with evergreen trees inhabiting their tops, enormous bleached driftwood, and brilliantly colored sea life were along the Rialto and Ruby beaches. Fragrant lavender fields caused us a side trip to the city of Sequim. And lastly, our trip ended in Seattle, a city of diversity, great seafood, and for me a two day art class! Stay tuned for a showing of some art using the new technique I studied while in Seattle!!! 

With renewed minds and spirits we returned home.  And I leave you with a borrowed quote that nicely sums up my feelings, "No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his own, familiar pillow." - Lin Yutang 

Enjoy a few of my many pictures of our great northwestern adventure.

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