Finding Inspiration in Australia

Susan Stubbins has been traveling with her husband and sent these amazing pictures, inspiration and story about one specific “town” in Australia. She took inspiration from the trees while sitting on a train, proving that inspiration can strike anywhere if you let it! This is the watercolor sketch she created from the view outside her window.

Water color sketch of Cook, Australia.

Water color sketch of Cook, Australia.

Cook, Australia scene that inspired Susan’s watercolor sketch.

Cook, Australia scene that inspired Susan’s watercolor sketch.

“A trip between Sydney and Perth gives perspective of the enormous size and diversity of Australia.  The Indian Pacific train trip is approximately the same distance in miles as Zanesville to Los Angeles. Although, because of timing and scheduling we flew the two hour flight from Sydney to Adelaide and boarded the train there.

A half way stop was in Cook, Australia. Cook is a small town with a population of 4 (yes, four). It is now considered a ghost town. It has lost status as a town but we soon realized Australians enjoyed telling tourist the population. Some even said three or four!

 Cook was established in 1917.  It was a railway provision stop. In 1997 the railroad was privatized and the new owners no longer used Cook as a main stop. Although today it is still used as refueling and water stop for the Indian Pacific, explaining the reason for any population.

 Cook still has several dozen buildings but we were warned not to trespass as some were inhabited and some condemned. Others had been hauled to the coast and are now being used as holiday houses.

 A most notable thing about the town is it’s trees. In 1982, 600 trees were donated (from Sydney and Adelaide) and planted with the help of the local school children. The trees were to celebrate “The Year of the Tree” and initiate “The Greening of Australia”.

The surviving trees are outstanding as Cook is in the middle of flat desert situated within the worlds longest stretch of straight railway, 297 miles.” ~Susan Stubbins

Indian Pacific train in Cook, Australia

Indian Pacific train in Cook, Australia

Cook, Australia

Cook, Australia

Trees in Cook, Australia

Trees in Cook, Australia

Joined Forces

Hello! Susan Nash here…we are hoping to all jump on and write a blog post every single week so keep checking back!

We get asked two questions often:

  1. How did the four of you decide to join forces? The short answer to that question is that we felt a little tired and needed some new energy. We wanted to all be in a space in the center of the downtown art community and the more we started discussing things, the more it made sense.

  2. How is it working out for you guys…4 women in one studio?!?!?! That four women can get along in one space may surprise a few naysayers, but the truth for me is that I have found a sisterhood of inspiration, creativity and safety. On some days it is a bee hive of activity on others it can be a quiet, soul-centering refuge. It is a place of expansive creativity, a journey of inspiration where friendships and artwork are made.


It’s funny that we are rarely all four ever at the studio at the same time…circumstances and travel keep us going in different directions. And yet…and yet, it really works! We come together to accomplish the not-so-fun-but-you-gotta-do-it business end AND we get to share in the joy of creating.

I feel so lucky to be a part of this fantastic tribe and I hope you feel our energy every single time you visit or see a piece of our artwork!

~~Susan Nash

February First Friday Art Walk

The first Friday of every month ArtCoz (The Artist Colony of Zanesville) hosts an Art Walk in downtown Zanesville and The Art Loft is always so thrilled to be a part of this walk. There are many local artists and studios in a small area so it is the perfect date night or road trip if you live in Ohio to come out and grab a bite to eat, have a glass of wine and enjoy art.

We have attached the map below:

Coming in February, we are thrilled to welcome two local favorites as our studio guests for the art walk. St. Louisville Glass and Ohio Girl Bakes.

St. Louisville Glass is a hot glass studio located in St. Louisville, Ohio. They feature original, custom art glass works created by glass artisan Aaron Buchholz. Specializing in hand blown glass gifts, art and awards, they also welcome custom requests. This months feature is beautifully created glass hearts especially for Valentine’s Day. These pieces are so beautiful and although the pictures can’t possibly do them justice, we really wanted you to get a sneak peak!

glass heart.PNG
glass flowers.PNG

Also, back by popular demand, Ohio Girl Bakes will have a complete line up of savory goodies and sweet treats. You can buy on site or place orders for gifts and gatherings. Individual packaging and bulk orders are available. White chocolate popcorn mix, savory nut mix, the perfect add on gifts for that special someone this Valentine’s Day. You will not want to miss these goodies!


We are also pleased to welcome the musical talent of Braden Israel of Brady Israel Trio.

We can’t wait to see everyone for this fun monthly event at The Art Loft in Zanesville, OH on February 1 from 5-8pm.