Having Patience!

By Linda Graham

When I started creating art, I felt pressured to produce a piece that I felt was worthy for others to see or perhaps purchase. I wanted everyone to love it and I wanted the piece to be completed in one sitting!

Now I need to share with you that the pressure I felt was all self induced. Yep, have to do it right and do it right the first time!  Boy, did I have a lot to learn. Talk about "creating"!!!  Creating frustration was what I was creating and let me share… a frustrated artist is not a good thing! 

I have come a long way with the expectations that I have for myself. Sure I want my artwork to have a pleasing outcome, but guess what, it’s not going to happen every time I sit down at my art table. I've learned that I may not be satisfied with what I'm working on for a few days and even a few weeks. (And that's not fun!). I have learned that I need to walk away from some of my pieces for a while and return to them with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

Sometimes I just add a little to a piece of work a little at a time. One of my pieces has been evolving over about six months and I still don't feel that it is quite right. Do you know what? I may just paint over it and start anew. If you could see the backs of some of my framed alcohol ink pictures one would find where I had a "do over" experience. I can sum all of this up in one word...are you ready? PATIENCE!!!  Yep, something that I am learning more about and am practicing.