Finding Inspiration in Tara Funk Grim

By: Linda Graham

Can I just say that I LOVE bright colors! Because of that love, one of my favorite artists is Tara Funk Grim.  Tara is a mixed media and acrylic painting artist. I first saw Tara's artwork at an exhibit in Naples, Florida. I was immediately attracted to her intuitive, brightly colored paintings.  A year after my first encounter with Tara's work, I was fortunate enough to participate in a two day workshop that she led. 

Was I intimidated?  Sure was.  However, after a short period of time  I was able to lighten up and overcome my insecurities. I settled in to begin my mixed media creation.

I had the privilege and pleasure this past February to observe Tara's artwork at several locations while I was in Florida. Below is a picture of the two of us as we shared a moment at the Bonita Springs National Art Festival and one of my pictures inspired by Tara.  Thanks Tara for encouraging me and being an inspiration as I embrace my art adventure!