Guest Artist Jeff Shackelford

We are excited to have this talented artist joining our studio for the Art Walk this coming Friday April 5th from 5-8. Continue reading to learn all about what makes Jeff so amazing.


Jeff Shackelford was born an artist. “I knew this was something I

wanted to do since I was five years old.” Many local business people

recognized his incredible talent early on in his life, providing him with many

opportunities growing up. A few of those opportunities where painting and

creating the bicentennial theme for John Adornetto of Maria Adornettos, a

wall mural in Secrest Auditorium and painting wall graphics around the

swimming pool at Burr Oak. In fact, there is still a painting of Jeff’s

(completed in the early 80’s) displayed on the outside wall of the Sunshine

Shop on Putnam Ave.

In 1986 he began his outdoor advertising career, working for Barnes

Advertising as their “sign painter”. He painted signs from 4’x8’ in size to

15’x85’. He painted many different designs for a variety of clients, including

a portrait of Emmet Smith for an advertisement for Larry Wade Ltd.

As technology progressed, the sign painting opportunities diminished,

leaving him without a creative outlet. It wasn’t until the summer of 2010

that he began to try his hand at oils. Most of Jeff’s early pieces were of

landscapes and seascapes, demonstrating his unique ability to capture

depth and lighting.

Today, he is drawn to scenes of New Orleans and other

streetscapes which allows him to try new techniques and styles.

Now retired from Barnes Advertising, he focuses his time on his four

passions… his wife Maryjane, golfing, painting and entertaining his six cats!