Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Sandy Booth has a super important life lesson in today’s blog that we all need to hear and face EVERY SINGLE DAY!

“I love to learn. I love to experiment with a variety of art mediums. Honestly, it scares me to go to classes and workshops and to learn new things! Doesn’t that sound crazy?!?! This fear of not being good enough or the idea of everyone is a better artist than me is paralyzing. For goodness sake, how can you grow if you don’t face your fears?

Learning watercolor painting has been a challenge for me. It was the first medium I experimented with when I began my art journey. Even though I loved the beautiful washes of color and the transparency of the paint I could never get results that satisfied me.

So when the Zanesville Museum of Art offered a beginner watercolor class this winter, I choked down my fear and signed up. The class was full of both first timers and experienced painters and I learned so much. I learned lots of watercolor tips and techniques, but I also learned once again, that fear is a liar. Fear keeps you from your full potential. Fear is what keeps you in your comfort zone.

So if fear is holding you back from something your heart is telling you to pursue, feel the fear and go do it anyway, you won’t regret it!”