Women Can Still Be Little Girls

Wise words from our Linda Graham!

Being a woman, we find ourselves having many tasks and responsibilities from working at home, working outside the home, raising children, nurturing our marriage...the list can be endless.  We are worn out and our minds can be frazzled.  

As I have aged, I now realize the importance of time for ourselves. Time to rest, to regroup and to just play.

 Play is defined as: to exercise or employ ones self in diversion, activity, or recreation.  Often times we may feel guilty if we take time to "play" because heaven knows there are many other things that need taken care of. I find myself experiencing this same mindset when I am creating art. So often I tell myself, "You need to be working on a piece to be framed and displayed for sale."  But, it can be so much fun to just sit down with no goal in mind and just experiment and play with various art tools and mediums. Often, I find it difficult to just "let go" or "play" and be free to just let the art happen on its own.

I really need to spend more time at play. I think we all do. So women, find the little girl inside of you and play. Give yourself permission to play!  That's right, PERMISSION TO PLAY!