Inspiration from Florida

Maybe we should call this month of blogs our “artists on vacation” series.  We will all be back in the studio creating new pieces soon, but for now we get to take another peek in to what inspires one of our artists while traveling.  

Linda Graham has been in Florida recently and other then finding inspiration from other local artists she had this to say;


“Bright blue skies and sunshine help to stimulate my creative "juices”. It's fun to experience nature and connect what you see to words and art. Two of my fun inspirations are pictured here with my own captions.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!”


"Just stickin' my head in to say, Hello!"


“Be the odd one out and follow your own path."

“In addition to watching the antics of the birds in the neighborhood, I have enjoyed the beautiful flora that nature has provided. I find it inspiring to paint my interpretation of the flowers. Below are just a few the things I have been working on and one of the flowers that inspired them. Even if you are not on a vacation there are so many beautiful things everywhere.  I hope you find inspiration in your everyday life as well! “


There you have it, another one of our artists that is finding inspiration outside and all around them. Stay tuned to see what else we are creating in the studio next month.

Don’t forget our March First Friday Art Walk is coming up on March 1st from 5-8. There will be several amazing guests in house that you will not want to miss! We hope you will mark it down in your schedule now and see you next week.